What people are saying

Jimmy we are blessed to have you in our church! You are a great leader in the community….Stonecrest City will be blessed to have a righteous godly man on the council.

J L Gunter

I Love It!!!! Wish I Could Vote (not in district). I’m very concerned about that StoneCrest hub. I feel like its our only hope in Southwest Dekalb and don’t like what I see happening. I certainly will support in other ways because what happens at StoneCrest impacts every single county from downtown to Lake Oconee and beyond. You are the Man

V Lister

We support you in this endeavor and know you are called for such a time as this🙌🏾👑

D Williams

Great, I am willing to volunteer to assist you in achieving your/our goal!!

S Lee

Jimmy, you know Bob and I will be on the campaign trail with you or whatever you need us to do. What you have done for our Subdivision is just the beginning of what you can do for Stonecrest. We are so glad, Stonecrest City Needs YOU!

B Taylor

Congratulations on your decision to continue serving the community you are a true servant that we all Need for our new city. Best of luck.

T Mekonnen

Congratulations Servant Leader. Let us know how we can help your campaign.

D Taylor

Congratulations on your decision to continue to serve our community in this great capacity! I am extremely confident that you will be an excellent leader for our new city! You have my prayers, support and best wishes. Please keep us updated on how we can assist you in this endeavor.

T Dawson