Main issues

Commitment to standing Stonecrest up solidly.

The most critical job council will need to perform is standing up this new city.

Council and Mayor will need to work in unity to move the city forward. The idea group should have a good understanding of the vision that the people voted for on November 8, 2016.

This effort will require a gigantic amount of work, dedication, and collaboration among our elected officials. Additionally, we’ll need a huge amount of support and involvement from members of our communities, businesses, industries, as well as our current county and state elected officials that serve the area.


What does transparency mean for citizens? What I’m committed to do: Ensure citizens in District 1 maintain EASY and ...

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City Services

City Council’s primary responsibility is to establish and maintain the initial services the city is committee to ...

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Economic Development

Economic Development is the promise the city is being built on.  It is my duty as an ...

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