Community Rep Program


Our city government’s biggest partnership will be with our citizens.  We must continually engage, empower and educate our citizens.  My plan for making this happen, is to establish a network of neighborhood representatives.   These representatives are volunteers recruited from each neighborhood or community track within a council district.  The representative will be an active community member, who’s task will include collecting the opinions, thoughts & concerns of neighbors and presenting them to their council person monthly.

In Council District 1, I’ve identifies the following neighborhoods and community tracts for Community Represented Program.

Parks of Stonecrest

Crestview Manor @ Rockland

Wesley Stonecrest/Kensington

Klondike Road/Wesley Providence

Woodrow Road

Evans Mill/Davidson Drive

Covington Rd/Parkway

Chubb Road

Phillips Road/Phillips Courtt

Phillips Road/Marbut Road

Rogers Crossing @ Rogers Lake

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