Okie dope as in drugged! Stonecrest inaugural governing body will require knowledge and insight on how to manage the affairs of our new city for TODAY! From day one city management is our ONLY REAL OBJECTIVE. Look at the gloss cards of some candidates and you will see a lot of them have no clue as to what to do and what is required of the elected officials from the start. Most won’t be able to attend council meeting due to their job commitments. It’s going to be hard to manage this city at its most critical startup phase, if an elected official can’t attend daytime council meetings. At least two days a week for up to six months will be required to stand up our city. This is based on data gained from speaking with leadership in other new cities, as well as from projections made by the Attorney for the Governor’s Commission on Stonecrest. Probably less than half of the candidates are aware of this reality.

I am ready day one, I understand and well versed on what our REAL JOB is from day one.

The candidate’s printed materials and websites are telling! Look for relevant experience not glossy distractions, as you consider who to vote for.

I am in my second term as the President of the Stonecrest Community Association, a neighborhood advocacy organization, representing nearly 400 homeowners in the Parks of Stonecrest community. I relate well to the concerns of the community.

We started our Nextdoor.com social media site about 4 years ago, I am the founding member and designated lead. Under my leadership our site has grown to be the largest Nextdoor.com community in Southeast DeKalb County, with more than 374 neighbors online. Nextdoor.com is an online private social media tools for neighborhoods.

The Stonecrest Community Association also oversee the Neighborhood Watch program in our community. Under my leadership our neighborhood watch is recognized as the model Neighborhood Watch program in the area, with 19 block captains and several neighborhood patrolmen.

For years my neighbors and I has regularly cleaned trash off roadways and streets around the Mall of Stonecrest Area.

Commissioner Mereda Davis Johnson appointed me to the DeKalb County Community Website Advisory Committee to represent Commission District 5 for revamping DeKalb County’s government website.

Our Association is represented on the Stonecrest Business Alliance, where we work with area businesses and industry owners to map out best routes to economic development in the Stonecrest area.

I’m especially proud of my service and collaboration with the Stonecrest City Alliance and Stonecrest Yes, the organizations that is the architect of the city of Stonecrest and promoted the idea to the public respectively. These groups provided the opportunity for us all to serve in the government of a new city by way of seeking elected office.

Our city and our future deserve seasoned civic leadership, people who are already has experience in community work, who are already serving as community leaders and not folks who now want to become involved just to gain a position in government or add another trophy to their trophy case.

We only have one chance to start right. I humbly ask you for your vote.

I have represented this community for years without pay or accolades, without recognition and sometimes even without a ‘thank you’! But the work I’ve done and is doing is not for any of that, it is because I love this area, I love what I do, my home is in this area, and I want this area to be the model community for success, first in DeKalb County, then in the state of Georgia and ultimately in the Country.