15 Feb

On the Campaign Trail

Thank God for my wonderful wife Edwina Clanton, by my side every step of the way, her passion for the city of Stonecrest has inspired so many people to action.  She realized early on that it is the people we must cater to and not a project or an agenda, it is truly the people and the neighborhoods. Thank you baby for being here advocating for the people of our city of Stonecrest.

The foundation of solid government for the city of Stonecrest, Georgia lies exclusively with it’s people and by extension the neighborhoods we live in.  Our foundational priority is to TAKE CARE OF THE PEOPLE AND THE NEIGHBORHOODS THEY LIVE IN.  A resilient people given the opportunity to be POSITIVELY involved with a city the size of Stonecrest can overcome all on their path to greatness.

When we are involved, engaged and empowered by our leaders we are powerful to effect POSITIVE change in our city.  No matter where that leads, we are on the right path when our leaders recognize that they serve at the pleasure of the people and not themselves.

Relating to each other requires a level of understanding that comes from day to day contact with each other.  Over the years we’ve made so many acquaintances, so many friends from within the communities now bound by the borders of Stonecrest. I feel what you feel, I want the same things you want, we share the same concerns.

As community activists, we have shared in the same struggles and fights.  WE NEED EACH OTHER TO MAKE THIS WORK!

We see a better South DeKalb, and it begins with the city of Stonecrest providing as a PRIORITY for the needs of EVERY NEIGHBORHOOD.

I thank each and everyone of you! We can make this happen, let’s stay on this positive path to success, I love you all and may God continue to Bless Stonecrest!

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31 Jan

Jimmy Clanton, Jr. Wins in Stonecrest!

Our labor for positive change, economic growth and community betterment for the Stonecrest area didn’t just start yesterday.  We have been on the ground working for a clean, vibrant and thriving Stonecrest long before the city borders were drawn.

We didn’t just start picking up trash on our roads,
or organizing to bring new businesses to the area,
or showing up to protest harmful industries looking to move into our area,
nor organizing forums to keep our citizens in the area politically aware,
and no we didn’t just start organizing neighborhood watch groups for our communities to help deter crime,
nor did we just start the conversation on education, parks and recreation, nor zoning in this area,
we’ve been doing this very work in this community for years. WE, YOU AND I!

I need you to act on your commitment to continue with me on our journey.


  1. Yard signs and info cards are available free to supporters. Email us, with your address and a contact email or phone number and I will personally put a campaign yard sign in your yard.
  2. Share your concerns with me about our city, what would you like to see city council and mayor focus on as we stand up this new city.
  3. Your vote and your ability to share with others that they may vote for us is of more value than your dollar. However any amount that you contribute to this campaign will be used by us to insure every home, apartment, business, church and educational facility within our reach HAS OUR EAR and WILL SEE OUR ACTION when we are elected to TRULY represent them and not simply add a feather to our cap or a trophy on our own mantel of personal accomplishments.

You can make a even bigger difference now, as we continue to push for positive change and economic growth in our communities. Don’t waste this opportunity to do the right thing about our great communities.

Vote for Jimmy Clanton, Jr., Stonecrest City Council District 1. Early voting starts February 27, the last day to register if you are not registered to vote is February 21.

Thank you all so much, no matter what, we the city of Stonecrest win in the end.

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17 Jan

Celebrating MLK Jr. Day!

Jimmy Clanton, Jr., wife Edwina Clanton and Grassroots Chair JW Eady.  This picture was taken by our granddaughter Gabby Miles.

It was a great honor to participate in the DeKalb’s  NAACP Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day parade.  The early morning dark clouds rolled away to reveal a beautiful day, as we followed along the parade route beginning at Green Pastures church to the campus of Martin Luther King Jr High School.  The entire parade route down Snapfinger Road borders our new city of Stonecrest, everything on the left side being Stonecrest.  Our vehicle was placed directly behind the Columbia High School band, one of four DeKalb County school bands represented in the parade, including the famous “Kings of Halftime” of MLK Jr. High School.  My wife and I enjoyed the opportunity to talk with parade participants and on-watchers alike.

We support education in our neighborhoods when we support events that encourage the participation our students and their families.

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10 Jan

With Supporters Diane Adoma & George Turner!

Pictured here with friends and supporters Diane Adoma and George Turner, along with my awesome best half Edwina Clanton, as we enjoy the fundraising event for Jason Lary & Plez Joyner at Arizona’s.

Diane and George both are running for Stonecrest City Council seats in Districts 5 and 4 respectively.

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06 Jan

The Governors Commission on Stonecrest Holds First Meeting

Packed house, is an understatement if you’re looking to describe the attendance of this first Public Meeting of the Governors Commission on City of Stonecrest.  Yes it is true the room was small, but it is also true that the turn out was large.  Joel Thibodeaux, Chair of the Commission, presided over the meeting, with all other commission members including Jim Burgess, Markus Butts, Michelle Emanuel and Shawn Jones.

I felt the meeting went well, it was a precise and informative first step.  Here’s a recap of the meeting for those who weren’t able to attend. THESE ARE NOT THE MINUTES OF THE MEETING.

The meeting open with public comments . . .

Dr. Nancy J. Williams opened the comments session with information regarding the city potential engagement in wholistic well-being and ended with comments from Harrell Smith with questions regarding the new city’s plan for emergency risk management, adequate start-up strategies to insure transparency from the start.

Mr. Thibodeaux introduced the commissions members. He stated the purpose of the Commission . . . you can find the commission members info and the purpose in On Common Ground here . . .

The commission will “facilitate the provision of municipal services and facilities, the collection of taxes and fees, and the negotiation of intergovernmental agreements in preparation of the establishment of the new municipality.”

But its members “will not have the ability to enter into any binding agreements, to expend public funds, or to incur any liability on behalf of the new municipality.”  

The commission serve until the elected officials are sworn into office after the March 21 election.

Other items mentioned by the commission:

  • Commission is responsible for proforma budget for the city
  • Commission cannot tax people, spend public revenues, commit city to any debt or effect any contract on behalf of the city
  • The commission can only negotiate these items and present the best possible choices to the Mayor and City Council after they’re elected and seated.
  • “At no time will people who you did not vote for make decisions on behalf of the city you are committed to . . . “, Joel Thibodeaux.
  • Committees (aka Task Force) established by commission;
    • zoning and planning,
    • parks and recs,
    • code enforcement and beautification,
    • city operations,
    • economic development, and
    • community affairs (incl. public safety & education). These committees will make suggestions directly to the commission.
  • The city charter includes the establishment of a new Community Improvement District (CID), which mean that existing CID will need to be repeal. Final CID approval, boundaries and implementation lies with City Council.

Committee Chairs

  • Patrick Agekae(?)  – Planning & Zoning
  • Micheal Williams – Public Safety
  • Vera Cardenas – Parks and Recs
  • Barbara Lee – Community Affairs -Education Committee
  • Michelle Emanuel – Code Enforcement/Beautification
  • Shawn Jones – City Operations
  • Vaughn Irons – Economic Development
  • Representative from the law firm of Coleman-Talley, Tom Currey introduce by chair. Chair requested the board consider Coleman-Talley serve as legal advisor (at no cost) to the commission. Commission decided to discuss this in an executive and bring to vote at next public meeting.

Agenda completed.

“I think that it is important that this commission make sure, that every step of the way, the citizens attending these meeting understand that what you guys are making are recommendations as opposed to binding agreements and that at the end of the day it will be the people that they elect who will be able to review these recommendations and then adopt (or not) as part of the city moving forward.”  Statement by Jimmy Clanton, Jr. to Commission.


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31 Dec

Stonecrest Ready Set Vote

The Dekalb County Board of Registrations and Elections has set the calendar and cleared the path for the Stonecrest city government elections.  Voters who are not already registered to vote have until February 21, 2017 to be eligible to vote in this special election.

Several precincts has been setup with the City of Stonecrest and nearby areas for citizens to cast their votes.

For additional voter information visit our voter info page.

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17 Dec

Clanton Announces Candidacy to His Community

The announcement below was release to Jimmy Clanton. Jr. community via NextDoor(.com). Nextdoor is a community specific social outlet, Jimmy brought and promoted the NextDoor app in his community, where he serve as the community lead for NextDoor.  Jimmy also is in his 2nd term as President of the Community Civic Association.

I feel it is appropriate to share with the members of our great community my intent to run for the Stonecrest City Council seat for District 1.

I have received an enormous amount of unsolicited requests to seek the office of City Council for Stonecrest District 1. The requests have come from members of the Stonecrest City Alliance, prominent industry leaders, several current elected county and state officials as well as a number of other area leaders whose opinions I highly respect. I’m humbled and grateful for the confidence that they’ve placed in me. The support that they all have pledged is especially encouraging as I did not seek out this mission.

Yet more important than their endorsements and encouragement are my firm belief that the Parks of Stonecrest neighborhood deserves and has earned the right to be prominently represented in the development of the city of Stonecrest. I will work hard, not just for the Parks of Stonecrest, but for all of District 1; every neighborhood, every apartment community, every business, every industry, every church, and all other entities within this city’s footprint.

I feel that my time serving man-on-the-ground as the Community Civic Association President for two terms here in the Parks of Stonecrest has contributed greatly to prepare me for this new journey. My experience in our growing and diverse community has added to my understanding the importance of catering to the needs of the people, it has also amplified within me that the will of the people is the first step on the pathway to growth and development in any community, city, county, state or country. I have at the heart of my pursuit the well-being, preservation, safety and relevance of our awesome new city.

We have only one chance to get this right from the start! The beginning of that process is placing caring, well-tempered, community-minded, wise individuals who are committed to the vision that brought to reality the city of Stonecrest.

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19 Oct

Stonecrest: A Bright Spot for DeKalb

The Georgia Gang discusses Stonecrest City as a bright spot for Dekalb.

“Stonecrest is like Dunwoody in this sense, it has a mall, it has an economic heart. Dunwoody has Perimeter Center as basically its tax base. Stonecrest has a tax base unlike its neighboring city Lithonia, that really don’t have much of one. So I wouldn’t hesitate to vote for a city of Stonecrest.”

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