I’m Jimmy Clanton. I Work Quietly Behind the Scenes To Make Stonecrest Better.

The Clanton Family are Longtime Stonecrest/Lithonia Residents

Jimmy moved to Lithonia in 1986; 30 plus years later he’s still in Lithonia with his wife Edwina Clanton.  Edwina and Jimmy champions a blended family of five children, Nicole Miles, Crystal Itsom, Jimmy Clanton, III, Alicia Lindsey and Timothy Clanton. Three of their adult children (Crystal, Jimmy III. and Alicia) graduated from DeKalb County schools; their youngest daughter Alicia also graduated from Strayer University, located in Stonecrest District 1.

The Clanton Family are Longtime Stonecrest/Lithonia Residents. I believe that every resident of Stonecrest should participate and invest in this great city.

What I Am Committed To Do



What does transparency mean for citizens?

What I’m committed to do:

  • Ensure citizens in District 1 maintain EASY and CONVENIENT access to your government.
  • Ensure that all the backdrop information that guide the decisions of city council is made available to the citizens.
  • Ensure that before council decisions are finalized, all pertinent (and legally available) information is available to the citizens.
  • I will promote (stonecrestga.gov) a website to update citizens of all actions considered, made and taken by council.
  • I will read and review every comment sent to me from citizens of Stonecrest regarding all issues relevant to the city.

City Services


City Council’s primary responsibility is to establish and maintain the initial services the city is committee to by law. 

The initial services the city is responsible for are:

  • Planning and Zoning
  • Code Enforcement
  • Parks and Recreation

Economic Development


Economic Development is the promise the city is being built on.  It is my duty to make every effort from the onset to cater to economic development and growth.

It is critical that members of this start up government work together as a group to explore intelligently all available resources to focus the city on growth.  Right from the start, I plan to maximize the use of city services as an igniter and then look to partnerships with county, state and federal government to bring growth opportunities to the city of Stonecrest.  We must commit to doing legally and morally whatever it takes to deliver on the promise of economic growth.