He whom is “called”, can be found already performing the work!

Man on the ground in Stonecrest District 1

Jimmy Clanton, Jr., your man on the ground in the Stonecrest District 1 area. He has been a community activist and organizer for the past five years in the Stonecrest Overlay area.

President, (Parks of) Stonecrest Community Civic Association

Jimmy is serving his second term as President of the Parks of Stonecrest Community Civic Association (PSCCA), located prominently in the Stonecrest District 1 area. Under his directions the association has grown in participation and services.The PSCCA has routinely taken the lead with regards to civic, social and political concerns in the Stonecrest District 1 area.  Jimmy and his association took on the mission to promote the area by convening area-wide meetings at the mall, by conducting a number of political forums in the community and even adopting and cleaning our roads of trash. The association is officially represented on the Stonecrest Business Alliance and the Stonecrest City Alliance.

The Community Civic Association has been on the ground and active for the Stonecrest District 1 area longer than any community or community organized effort in the county.

"I'm honored that so many have already pledged support for my candidacy, chief among them my community, friends and family, but just as important is the support pledged by the many elected officials and civic leaders."

Serving on DeKalb Citizen Website Advisory Committee

Jimmy is an active member of the DeKalb Citizen Website Advisory Committee.  He was selected and appointed to serve on the committee by District 5 Commissioner Mereda Davis Johnson (County Commission District 5, also covers Stonecrest District 1).  This committee was established and serves to advise County officials and vendors during the planning and publishing of a revamped website. The objective was to produce a friendlier, faster and, easy to navigate web presence; the revamped and much improved site went live in the fall of 2016.

Church Administrator Years in DeKalb

While helping his brother relocate in 1990, being stuck in the typical sluggish Atlanta afternoon traffic, Jimmy needed someone to pick up his children from school at Stoneview Elementary (currently in Stonecrest District 1).  Jimmy’s brother, Joe Clanton called prominent DeKalb Pastor Jimmie L. Smith, who was able to pick up the children. This meeting with Pastor Smith led to a job as Church Administrator for Pastor Smith’s newly founded Light of the World Christian Tabernacle Int’l.  Jimmy played a key role in establishing the start-up ministry, including the development of the Light of the World Christian Academy.  Valued relationships were developed out his Light of the World tenure, including one with Pastor Bill and Dr. D’ann Johnson, D’ann provided tutoring and on-the job training along with Pastor Ruth W. Smith.  Dr. D’ann Johnson was Jimmy’s predecessor as Church Administrator. Bill and D’ann Johnson are now Pastors at the New Covenant Christian Ministries on Phillips Rd, Lithonia, also located in Stonecrest District 1.

The Clanton Family are Longtime Stonecrest/Lithonia Residents

Jimmy moved to Lithonia in 1986; 30 years later he’s still in Lithonia with his wife Edwina Clanton.  Edwina and Jimmy champions a blended family of five children, Nicole Miles, Crystal Itsom, Jimmy Clanton, III, Alicia Lindsey and Timothy Clanton. Three of their adult children (Crystal, Jimmy Jr. and Alicia) graduated from DeKalb County schools; their youngest daughter Alicia also graduated from Strayer University, located in Stonecrest District 1.

Jimmy has been employed with the Georgia Department of Public Health(DPH) for more than 20 years (retired 2017).  He was the Digital Properties Manager in the Division of Communications, as well as the website developer and site manager for the Georgia Public Health website, the Governor’s Georgia Shape website, and served as distribution and publishing manager for Public Health’s PHInsider E-Newsletter (Georgia’s largest circulated monthly newsletter containing public health trends as well as news, events and information from DPH).

Jimmy is able, ready  and capable of serving the community’s interest as Stonecrest City Councilman for District 1.

Our mission

  • Cornerstone 1: Commit to standing the city up solidly.

    The most critical job council will need to perform is standing up this new city.

    Council and Mayor will need to work in unity to move the city forward. The ideal group should have a good understanding of the vision that the people voted for on November 8, 2016.

    This effort will require a fair amount of work and dedication, a gigantic amount of collaboration and a huge amount of support and involvement from members of our communities, businesses, and industries and YES our current county and state elected officials that serve the area.

  • Cornerstone 2: Transparency & Constituency Committment
    • Post council plans online as we roll out the new city.
    • Plan and provide room for intelligent growth
    • Create city budget, develop city business plan
    • Set staff expectations and management
    • Provide schedule for growth and development over  5 year & 10 year periods
    • Manage constituency expectations
    • Address immediate branding and beautification needs/concerns
  • Cornerstone 3: City Services Management
    • Diligent labor required for City Services
    • Zoning
    • Code Enforcement
    • Parks and Recreation
    • Explore Potential for Police Services
  • Cornerstone 4: Marketing and Branding
    • Budgeting for Branding
    • Outline Return on Efforts Goals for Marketing
    • Ambassador model (Mayor’s role)
    • Working with County and State Elected Officials

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