Meet Jimmy Clanton


Stonecrest District 1

Jimmy Clanton, Jr., your city councilman for Stonecrest District 1.  Elected in the City of Stonecrest’s first election March 21, 2017.

City Council Accomplishments

Created the Best of Stonecrest Program to offer incentives for local businesses to provide the best possible customer experience and to keep there place of business clean inside and out.


  • Stonecrest CID Advisory Committee (current Chair)
  • Stonecrest Parks and Recs Committee (current)
  • Stonecrest Overlay Committee (Chair)
  • Stonecrest/East Metro CID Committee (Chair)
  • Stonecrest Development Authority (Council Representative)
  • Police Advisory Committee
  • Stonecrest Arabia Mountain Overlay Committee
  • Stonecrest Parks and Recs Steering Committee
  • Stonecrest COVID CARES Act Funding Steering Committee
  • Metro Green Investigative Committee

Legislative Initiatives introduced

  • Text amendment to remove the entire community of Arabia Woods out of the Stonecrest Overlay District (to protect this community from commercial infringement.)
  • Text amendment to add the entire community of Arabia Woods into the Arabia Mountain Overlay District to preserve the look and feel of this community and to provide additional protections allotted to the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area as provided by the City of Stonecrest.
  • Text amendment to remove the east side of Turner Hill Road from Star Magnolia to Hayden Quarry Road from Tier IV of the Stonecrest Overlay District completely.  This reverse that area (which borders the Parks of Stonecrest community) to it’s underlying residential zoning, protecting it from developments such as Gas/Service Stations, liquor stores, storage facilities, etc., without a Special Land Use Permit (SLUP), thus insuring that if any of these type developments are sought the community must be approached first.
  • Text amendment to require all allotted gravel truck parking to comply with enviromental protection designs, to provide for a 6 foot covered fence and to plant trees and coverage to beautify appearance.

District Goals/Priorities

  • Finalize the creation of the Stonecrest Community Improvement District (CID) and work strategically with East Metro CID to cater to beautification, safety and business support in Stonecrest.
  • Continue to tweak the Stonecrest Overlay District text to ensure optimal growth, while protecting the tranquility and safety of adjoining neighborhoods.
  • Maintain working relationships with the Stonecrest Business Alliance, Stonecrest Chamber of Commerce and Greater Lithonia Chamber of Commerce to promote good commercial health in our city’s largest commercial district.
  • Continue to grow and improve the Best of Stonecrest program, a program I started, to provide incentives for local businesses to provide for a better customer shopping experience.
  • Continue to support increased exposure and growth in the Lithonia Industrial Park district to bring more jobs with higher pay to the area.
  • Work with Mayor, Council and citizens to move forward the City’s efforts to bring about our own public works. This will address roadway maintenance issues such as potholes, street cleaning, grass & weed control as well as trash pick up along roadways and parking lots.

Still Serving in the Community

Jimmy is serving his third term as President of the Stonecrest Community Civic Association in the Parks of Stonecrest, located prominently in the Stonecrest District 1 area. Under his directions the association has grown in participation and services. The Association has routinely taken the lead with regards to civic, social and political concerns in the Stonecrest District 1 area.  Jimmy and his association took on the mission to promote the area by hosting area-wide meetings at the mall, by conducting a number of political forums in the community and even adopting and cleaning our roads of trash. The association is officially represented on the Stonecrest Business Alliance and formally on the Stonecrest City Alliance.

The Stonecrest Community Civic Association has been on the ground and active for the Stonecrest District 1 area longer than any community or community organized effort in the county.

The Clanton Family are Longtime Stonecrest/Lithonia Residents

Jimmy moved to Lithonia in 1986; 30 plus years later he’s still in Lithonia with his wife Edwina Clanton.  Edwina and Jimmy champions a blended family of five children, Nicole Miles, Crystal Itsom, Jimmy Clanton, III, Alicia Lindsey and Timothy Clanton. Three of their adult children (Crystal, Jimmy III. and Alicia) graduated from DeKalb County schools; their youngest daughter Alicia also graduated from Strayer University, located in Stonecrest District 1.

Jimmy retired after more than 20 years of employment with the Georgia Department of Public Health(DPH).  He was the Digital Properties Manager in the Division of Communications, as well as the website developer and site manager for the Georgia Public Health website, the Governor’s Georgia Shape website, and served as distribution and publishing manager for Public Health’s PHInsider E-Newsletter (Georgia’s largest circulated monthly newsletter containing public health trends as well as news, events and information from DPH).