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Early Voting Begins Nov. 17 at Stonecrest Library



The first to vote in council meeting to do an audit on the CARES ACT Funds to show how the money was spent.



Families call me when a series of accidents occurred.   I listen and then I found a solution to reduce the accidents



Collaborated with community partners and businesses to clean-up and enhance the beauty in our community – Stonecrest.

About Me

Jimmy Clanton.

Created the Best of Stonecrest Program to offer incentives for local businesses to provide the best possible customer experience and to keep there place of business clean inside and out.

Jimmy Clanton working toward: Economic Sustainability, Local Police Service, Responsible Growth


What Our Neighbors Are Saying

“Councilmember Clanton’s enthusiasm and professionalism, along with his vision for the City gave my business the confidence to choose Stonecrest as the home for our professional basketball team Georgia Kangaroos. Since making that decision, Councilmember Clanton has continue to live up to his words by supporting the team and attending games”, Brian Caswell, CEO and President of Kangaroos Sports Club.

Brian Caswell, Head Coach Georgia Kangaroos

There are two impactful experiences that stick out for me regarding Councilman Jimmy Clanton, Jr.. 1) although all of Council was supportive. Councilman Clanton was one of the Council who did go the extra mile support for the community event, Stonecrest Fest, (a non-profit organization) to be successful with its endeavors. and 2) I will never forget the facilitation made in District 1 on behalf of teens regarding outreach for a program that was successfully executed, leaving a group of 17 teenagers with life skills to make healthy and proud choices.

Charlotte Cain
Stonecrest Fest